Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Guy Who Lived on the Stairs

I made this as a kind of sequel to my very first silent short, "The Guy Who Lived on a Chair", which ended with the Guy escaping from the chair onto stairs (available as a special feature on my DVD.)
But since no one who was going to see this short had seen the original, I did not really connect the two movies, and made this to stand on its own.
Another seed for this idea came many years ago in college, when I rented a house that had doors at the top and bottom of the stairs (My roommate and I called the house, The House of the Rising Pun). When I closed the doors, it made the stairs into a room, and I thought it would be an interesting place to live.
The box of eggs refers back to an earlier short in the series, "The Guy Who Juggled".
I'm glad I shot the final slide down the steps more than once, because in the first take I looked too realistically terrified—because I was truly terrified.

Foolish Questions: How could you take one of your creative accomplishments and make a sequel to it? Could you disguise it so nobody knows it's a sequel?

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Joe said...


I enjoy reading your blog and viewing the short films. Keep it down, I mean up...or dup, something.