Saturday, September 2, 2023

Drew’s Fool Tools: How to Think Like a Fool creativity cards on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter for Drew's Fool Tools

I started this project here 15 years ago. 60 posts about how to think like a fool.  Many have broken links, out-of-date content, and typos galore. I then started making it into a book. I taught it at workshops. I used them daily to come up with some very foolish ideas. And then life events and world events got in the way. 

But fools don't give up (unless they do)!

I have rewritten and consolidated each Fool Tool and designed a deck of cards that are ready to be printed once  this campaign is funded. If you still visit this site, you've been on a long foolish journey with me.

Get your deck and let me know how you imagine using these cards! There are still discounted decks available as part of the Early Fool Special. And thank you!