Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to Think Like a Fool #60: Think Like You

OBSERVE: Think Like You
"If every fool wore a crown, we would all be kings."
—Welsh proverb

There are as many kinds of fools as there are people on this planet (just some of us are lucky enough to get paid for it). The last method to think like a fool that I'm proposing, but one that will generate many more, is to observe how you think foolishly, and then to do it on purpose instead of accidentally. You have your personal ways of playing the fool, some that may be close to the ones I've listed, and some that are distinctly your own.

You may be a fool for love, rush in where angels fear to tread, or you and your money are soon and often parted. The trick, as I've been doing for each entry in this series—and fools have done forever—is to see the best in the worst and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Figure out how your foolishness can help you solve problems creatively or at least to generate problems that challenge you in a worthwhile way.

This video has nothing to do with the topic today (or does it?), but I love it anyway (yup, fool for love of art and life). So I'll end with this, an Ode to Joy:

Think: How am I foolish? When am I foolish? Where? Why? How can this way of thinking help me solve this problem?

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FOOL's NOTE: Thanks for reading my musings these past few months. This blog will continue soon with more examples, observations, and ideas. I'll also make better links of the entries and create a master page where you can access them all in one place. I may even turn this series into an ebook if people are interested. Please leave comments or email me personally. I would love to hear what you think. And tell your friends and colleagues. Stay Foolish!—Drew

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Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and will miss it. I'm currently unemployed and your blog has been a reliable destination when I've needed a new perspective and some chuckles. I look forward to your return!