Sunday, September 25, 2011

15 Minutes of Foolery—Part Two

Before you read this, read Part One.


So, you just woke up. Do what you need to do. Fantastic. Let's begin:

  1. Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  2. Choose a simple problem. Maybe an object will inspire you. It's not so important what you pick.
  3. Think foolishly to find a bunch of solutions. This is a 15 minute break from censoring yourself.
  4. Set a goal for how many you will come up with in this time period. Make a list of your foolutions. I try to write down at least 10. If I have more time, I keep going.
  5. Stuck? Pick a prompt from How to Think Like a Fool in 60 Ways. That's why I collected them.
  6. This can be done on paper, in your head, or in action, or a combination of all three. Play around. Fool around. 10 bad ideas could lead to a great one.

Try this out, personalizing the structure as you like. Tomorrow, I'll give an example of one of my own 15 Minutes of Foolery.


Jeff said...

Thank you, for creating this blog. I am new to clowning and I love it. It is one of the greatest things I have ever ventured into. I want to learn all that I can. Your Website and its information is so valuable, Again I thank you.

Anonymous said...

I volunteer at a horse farm and I was really inspired by this new 15min of foolery thing. So I tried it out when I had to transfer oats from a bucket to a troff. Trying and brainstorming all the different ways was the best part of my day and I'm pretty sure the horses were laughing at me. Thanks for helping me make this place a funny farm! I second what Jeff said. Your website rocks.