Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Moment of Fool

[This week, as I resurrect this blog, I use foolish thinking to help me to write again.]

I haven't written in this blog in a long time. But here I am writing while big snowflakes fall outside. There is no time like the present they say, so I'll let these words fall like snowflakes, fill the page, get me started writing again.

How can thinking like a fool get me to write again, get me to use writing to learn again, and get me to share what I've learned to teach?

I put on my imaginary clown nose, my dunce cap, and my jester's hat, and the two hats fight it out for time and space, and the clown nose sneezes, and the video goes out. What video? The one that just went out, silly. The one I was watching to procrastinate writing.

I am a fool, and I write, right? I see the snow fall through the barely open curtains, through the window, through my brain synapsing. And the snow reminds me that the world outside, the present moments, remind me, that that's all I need, that that's all I need to start writing again, to start feeling, thinking, acting foolish again. I think, therefore, I fool, therefore I write, therefore I play. Wright? Achoo!
Makes nonsense to me.

Takeaway: A fool uses the present moment as a jumping-off point to start writing.

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