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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


"Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as its chief obstacle."—Jack Parr

Our house is trashed. Travels to various gigs and conferences, a yard sale, half-completed projects, and pieces of paper that seem to breed while I sleep, have all contributed to a mess that makes past states of disarray seem like the "good old days". Answering the phone is now an athletic event involving hops, leaps, dodges, and dances.
For performers:
What obstacles can you add to a routine or transitions between routines to add more drama, play, and challenge?

For everyone else:
Thinking creatively involves thinking foolishly. A non-fool would try to eliminate obstacles to solve a problem. A fool adds obstacles to a problem that has enough already and may just solve the problem by doing so. What obstacles can you add to your problem? How can you make things worse?

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