Friday, October 26, 2007

Think Like A Fool

Photo by Heather Mull

One of the inspirations for this blog is a book by Roger Von Oech titled A Whack on the Side of the Head in which he has a chapter called Don't Be Foolish. He summarizes some of this chapter in his blog post, Think Like a Fool. Ironically, I find that many clowns and physical comedians could improve their acts by thinking foolishly more often. It's also a rich creativity tool.

Some of his tactics for thinking like a fool include:
  • Reverse standard assumptions
  • Notice things others overlook
  • Be irreverent
  • Be cryptic
  • Be absurd
  • Take the contrary position
In his book he also mentions other fool tools:
  • Laugh at it
  • Reverse your viewpoint
  • Parody the rules
In the coming weeks I'll be adding to his list, but I'll throw this question out to you—What other ways can you think like a fool?

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