Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 Ways to Think Foolishly

Here's a list I used for a workshop I taught at QuestFest two weeks ago. I'm still developing these concepts, subtracting some and adding more. I'll explain each one in more detail over the coming months, but feel free to guess what each one means and then try to apply some to a problem or creation.
  1. Get Caught-up in the Moment
  2. Make Problems
  3. Imagine the Worst
  4. Repeat the Same Tactic
  5. Use More Effort Than Necessary
  6. Persevere
  7. Prepare for Something Else
  8. Don’t Solve the Problem
  9. Add More Obstacles
  10. Treat Objects as Alive
  11. Treat People as Objects
  12. Imagine the Impossible
  13. Try the Impossible
  14. Compromise the Impossible
  15. Make Yourself Laugh
  16. Overreact
  17. Under-react
  18. Act Improperly
  19. Do What You're Not Supposed To Do
  20. Act Crazy
  21. Change Identity
  22. Do the Opposite
  23. Misinterpret/ Misunderstand
  24. Do the Impossible
  25. Follow the Rules
  26. Do things Backwards
  27. Use What's Available
  28. Take things literally
  29. Transform Objects
  30. Expand Space
Foolish Question: How can you use one of these to think foolishly about something you're working on?

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Anonymous said...

Turn it inside out
Turn it upside down
Make it bigger
Make it smaller
Make it taller!
Is it dirty?
Is it invisable?
yearn for it
pine for it!
Bill "Stretch" Coleman