Monday, May 11, 2009

How to Think Like a Fool #11: Fix What Ain't Broken

RISK: Fix What Ain't Broken
What's your problem? No problem? Then figure out how to make the good enough better.

"The good is the enemy of the great."—Jim Collins

While it's very logical to settle, and seeking perfection is its own trap, you may be just around the corner from a brilliant idea, entranced by one that one works just fine. All you have to do is risk breaking what you are trying to fix, which is quite likely. But even breaking it could lead towards innovation, because now you have a new problem to solve.

This blog post so far explains the concept adequately, but I think I'll add a brief story to illustrate the concept. Will it make the post great? Probably not, but I preach what I practice.

A fool brushes his teeth the same way everyday. One day he tries a new way, attaching his toothbrush to a cordless drill. This knocks out one of his teeth, causing great pain. He puts it under his pillow and the next day the tooth fairy leaves him $100,000. And he lived wealthily and toothlessly ever after.

Think: What's working well here? How do I fix it to become amazing? How can I break it, so I can fix it another way?

Tomorrow: How to Think Like a Fool #12: Never Give Up

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