Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Think Like a Fool #25: Destroy

IMAGINE: Destroy
To imagine is a creative act, so this section ends with imagining the destruction of your project in an effort to start over. From Humpty Dumpty's shell, you build a wall nobody can fall off of.

For fools, this is joyful and playful destruction, truly letting the imagination run wild. Think of the anarchic chaos produced by the Marx Brothers, especially Harpo.

You use this approach when you get really stuck. When your ideas have become frozen, stuffy, tired. You've made a house with wooden blocks, and now you knock it over to build a castle, or just for fun.

Throw your first draft in the fireplace, and rewrite without the influence of that draft.

Think: What would this problem or solution look like if I were to dramatically destroy it? How can I best wreck it? What can I do with the pieces or what if I just start over from scratch?

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