Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Think Like a Fool #3: Don't Solve the Problem

RISK: Don't Solve the Problem
Now that you've found or created problems, why bother to solve them? March forth!

Even when your foot is stuck in a bucket and your pants are down, your real goal may be to jump rope while standing on a ball. If you spend too much time trying to free your foot and pull up your pants, you may never realize your wonderful, crazy dream.

You have bigger foolishness to fry. Achieve imperfection! The original problem will either take care of itself, quit distracting you from the larger ones, or increase the challenge.

Think: What problem or problems are holding me back? How can I move forward without solving them?

See also my older post on not solving the problem.

Tomorrow: How to Think Like a Fool #4: Set Yourself Up for Failure

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