Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Think Like a Fool #4: Set Yourself Up for Failure

RISK: Set Yourself Up for Failure
There are many ways to set yourself up for failure, whether it's setting unrealistic goals, trying to do too much in too little time, sabotaging your efforts, over-worrying, or basically thinking like a fool.

Fools plan to fail so that they make mistakes sooner. Here you bump up the risk-taking by consciously botching things. The sooner and more often you fail, the quicker you learn.

And in your perceived failure may be the solution to your problem or another unrelated problem—think of the mistakes that led to Penicillin and Post-it Notes.

You might even be a mistake.

Think: What do I have to do to fail at this? How can I make it happen sooner than later?

Tomorrow: How to Think Like a Fool # 5: Try a Really Bad Idea

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